Most frequent questions and answers

Just fill the form provided in the website and we will turn it into a website. You can choose a design from a number of responsive website design patterns created by our professional graphic designers and web developers. 

Just attach your resume in the form. We are here to create a great portfolio for you. If you’ve created your personal website with Epicprofile, your new website contains all the information you have filled in the form.

With Epicprofiles, you get one portfolio website designed and developed for free. You only pay for registration and your personal domain name

You can view the files through the public URL of your site. If you want to add files like photos to your site. Please attach the files in the new form

A CV website, or a resume website, is a webpage with a public URL address that contains your resume. Thanks to its public URL, you can easily put it on your business card or share the link with potential employers.

The name of your personal website should communicate that it’s yours.

The same applies to its URL address. If you’re creating a resume website, make sure the address can be easily understood by humans, contains your name and can be easily transcribed to an internet browser’s address bar.

Something like “www.john-doe.epicprofiles.com/cv/” should do the trick.

Yes absolutely, choose your font that suits your website and profession. Add the font name in the comment section of the form

Contact us for all kind of changes or updates. We provide you 4 updates for free. Exceeding 4 updates will cost a charge depending on the type of update.